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Remember to Remember #2

2 x DVD loops from 16mm

Sometimes in my voyages, when I was a man and commanded other men, I have seen the heavens become overcast, the sea rage and foam, the storm arise, and, like a monstrous bird, cover the sky with its wings. Then I felt that my vessel was a vain refuge that trembled and shook before the tempest. Soon the fury of the waves, and the sight of the sharp rocks, announced the approach of death, and death terrified me, and I used all my skill and intelligence as a man and a sailor to escape.
Alexander Dumas, The Count of Monte Christo.

This piece was made in response to a brief for the Chateau D’If exhibition (www.chateaudif.org).

It is intended to be shown as two projections facing one another. The first shows St Michael’s Mount which represents the Chateau D’If prison island as seen from the mainland. The second shows a passage from the book translated into Morse code and transmitted via light into the sea from island to mainland.


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